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Monday, December 17, 2007


Jeeze, I completely forgot that I have a Spidey story out this week!

SPIDER-MAN: FAMILY #6... has an incredibly adorable story by the uber-talented Chris Eliopoulos and there's a story I wrote featuring Spidey and Kazar's pet tiger ZABU!! David Hahn handled the art chores and it was a blast to write! Enjoy!


Dan said...

I loved the story, Tom. Very cool. I almost missed it, though, since the initial Previews solicit only talked about the Eliopolous Frog Thor story (which was also very fun). I also noticed that in the new Marvels Previews solicits that were just posted, the trade collecting this issue is there but you aren't listed as a writer and your story isn't mentioned. Are they not reprinting it or is it another screw-up?

Oh, and they spelled your name 'Belland' in the issue.

Did you anger someone at Marvel? :)

Tom Beland said...

Oh, it was dealt with, trust me.

Nawwww... it's a fuck-up. No big deal. I still don't understand how they could get Eliopolous... but not Beland. lol. I have way fewer vowels to worry about.

I asked if it's included in the trade, no word yet. I'll post the answer soon.

Emilio Torres Garcia said...

Maaan I missed that one!

Tom Beland said...

Christine told me that she ordered more for the store, Emilio. She also had no idea I was in that issue. So I'd check with her this week to see if those issues came in.

Shawn Levasseur said...

Read the story in the digest collection. I enjoyed it. Had no idea it was you.

Shame on me for not paying closer attention to the credits.