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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It was exactly, to this day, ten years since I met the love of my life at a bus stop in Disneyworld. I remember being so tired from walking the park all day long and not wanting to go see Stevie Wonder so I could get some sleep. But it was Stevie Wonder and how often do you get the chance to see someone of that magnitude live? For free?

So that's when I met her. When I walked to the bus stop to go see the concert. I go through about billion scenarios where I don't go to the concert and never meet her. Each version means I'm not the person I am today and that saddens me. It was such a rare instance where you meet someone who becomes life-changing. I was very fortunate.

Happy Anniversary babe. Here's to many many more.


chrisfason said...

awww... yay!

...and w/out you meeting lily, we wouldn't have TSSTG!!

Garu Dunaier said...

Congratulations, Tom!!!!!

Tom Beland said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, it's amazing to think what she's helped me accomplish over the years. She feels the same way.

Gary Dunaier said...

Hey Tom, is that "Pleasure Island Express" photo from the night you two met?

Tom Beland said...

Yep! That was at the end of the night.

Anonymous said...

Congrats tom really much love to the both of you!!

take care it was cool seeing you at Kaisen on sunday!

here's some of the pics with you in them :)

Take Care!