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Thursday, September 13, 2007

AAAhhhhhh Rincon...

Spending a few days working at our beach apartment in Rincon.

I'm not a huge beach person (I burn quicker than Johnny Storm can yell "FLAME ON!!), but it DOES mean that I'll enjoy eating my favorite meal on the island... CHILLO FRITO Y ARANITAS. They take a whole red snapper and deep-fry it. Then they take green plantains and shred them... then they make small balls out of the shredded plantains and deep-fry those.

It's orgasmic.

Tomorrow we're going to see our friend Tony. He used to own a huge comic shop on the island, but now he owns a surf shop. I did a t-shirt design for his store and for payment, he's letting me take whatever I want from his collection... dating back to the early sixties.

It's going to be orgasmic.

Lily rolled her eyes when we made the deal. Hey, she married a comic geek!

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