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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


There's a 38-page FANTASTIC FOUR special hitting stores in December and in this story, they travel to PUERTO RICO to battle the Chupacabras and a mystery villain. This was a very special issue to write, because I think it really shows off the island in a great way. Juan Doe is the artist and... man... the dude just plain BROUGHT IT to the page.

If you live on the island, or are from the island, you're sooo going to dig this book. There are scenes of Old San Juan, El Morro, El Yunque, the Camuy caves and other things you'll instantly recognize. Alejandro Arbona is the editor and he was a HUGE help. This book is so Puerto Rican... it should smell like rice and beans when you open it up.


chrisfason said...

i was hoping you'd be handling the art chores but doe's cover looks, well, fantastic. when's the "m" gonna let you draw sumfin'?

Tom Beland said...

I don't think my art style fits their requirements, unless there's a dream sequence or they bring back "What The?" or "Not Brand Echh."

I'm cool with that, actually. I've really enjoyed the writing part of the biz. They have me lined up for some cool stuff in 08, including some MARVEL ADVENTURES: SPIDER-MAN which has been a BLAST to write!

Jamar said...

Keep doing your thing, Tom!

Your new pal,


Tom Beland said...

Thanks, bro! I really had a blast seeing the book go from script to pencils, then inks and then coloring. Dude... those Eagle uniforms... eeeeegh. But if they keep scoring 50+ wearing them, I'd wear them to bed if I were Donovan.

Jamar said...

I'm wearing mine now!

Tom Beland said...

They need Westbrook back in the worst way. My Niners are looking horrible now. New England looks like San Francisco in the 80's... I miss those guys. :(