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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TOMBELAND.COM is open for business!!!

After what seems like FOREVER... my website, is up and running.

You'll find a number of things on this site including:

BACK ISSUES!! We've installed a cover gallery covering the entire CLIB'S BOY COMICS self-published line... but another page displaying the Image series too! There's also back-ordering information for both series.

PAPERBACK BOOKS! Anthologies and trade paperback books that are currently available at comic shops everywhere.

SKETCH PAGES! The commission sketches I've done over the past two years. Commissions are now available by emailing me... depending on schedules.

EVENTS PAGE! These are photos taken at conventions and vacation visits.

WRITING GIGS!! These are comics I've written for Marvel, Bongo and others.

Soooooo... take a looksee, enjoy the view and link me!

Huge thanks for Luis Salichs for his untiring help with the design of the site and creating it for me!!!



David said...

Great page! I assume your comics are available at the store in San Patricio... are they?

Tom Beland said...

They sure are, David. Just head over to Metro Comics and the gang there can hook you up. Hope you enjoy my books!

Aven said...

Heya Tom! It's Aven here, just checking out your book. I am SOOOOO happy that you have found your way and have such a wonderful partner in Lily. KC and I are still going strong with 4 kids, and have built our house from a tiny lil house to a nice big house built with sweat and tears by KC and me! I still run into Molly, have seen Kelly on ocassion and even Kim Hooper! Mary Simmons is still my best bud and she lives in Portland. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi, and tell you kudos for living your dream baby! I am this close (puts fingers an inch apart) to finally getting my BA so that I can teach......I enjoy the kids too much to spend much time away from them until now to get a degree. I wanted to tell you also that I read about you reliving time with your Mom and Dad and how the pain doesn't go away. Pat(KC's mom) died 9 years ago next week. Do you know I still think about her everyday without fail? I don't think it can ever be far from my mind.....grrrr. Anyway, just thrilled for you! Hugs~ Aven

Tom Beland said...

Aven... wow, now THERE'S a name from my past!!

Glad you and KC are still going strong. Four kids?? Yikes. But then again, you always WANTED a large family from what I remember.

Molly... lol. She was a unique woman. I could never understand the person, myself. I think she always tried to be older than she was.

Mary, though. Is she still a party gal or has she settled down? Portland is a VERY popular place to live, from what I've been told. A lot of comic book people live there.

Hey, do you have any contact info on Troy Brown? I've been trying to get in touch with him and haven't been able to track him down.

Also... Kathy Brown. Any idea on her? I hear she lives in Colorado nowadays.

Anyhoo.. great hearing from you. Email me at!