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Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of the things I do for my readers is this. When someone buys a trade paperback at a convention, or book signing, I'll include a free sketch in the book. I'll be honest... I've done so many of these sketches, I've forgotten most of them in my time.

In this case, however, I did a bit more. A reader named Bill was getting married to his financee, Erin. They loved the TSSTG series and wanted to give their wedding party copies of CHANCES ARE, my first trade... as gifts. They asked me if I'd sign the copies and I thought, "Damned... if they're giving them away as WEDDING gifts, that's pretty special."

So I busted out the colored pencils and did a colored sketch in every book.... and included one for the bride and groom. This took a lot time, but it was worth it.

Bill recently featured the sketch I did for them on his blog and it was nice to see it again. It's sort of like getting a photo of one of your kids in a way. Thanks Bill!

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