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Sunday, October 7, 2007


The commissions are back and ready for business. If you'd like a sketch, let me know who you'd like drawn, black n white or color and an theme, if you have one in mind.

My sketches are on bristol board 8.5" x 11" and the colors are PRISMACOLOR pencils. These were very popular last year and the list filled up quickly, so be sure to act quickly if you're interested.

You can see more of the sketches at my website, Go to the SKETCHES category (duh) and see what there is there.

Now... I also do caricatures, but I'm not the greatest at that. Also, I'm going to need at least four photos... one front view, two side views and a good three-quarter view. Also... spell their name for me. You have NO IDEA how many men spell "TOM", T-H-O-M nowadays. Nothing worse than getting a portrait with the person's name spelled wrong.

Pricing varies, depending on number of characters and difficulty of the piece. Minimum charge is $40 + shipping/handling and I use PAYPAL.

IMPORTANT!!: USE MY EMAIL TO PLACE AN ORDER ( it'll let me know who was first and keep better track of orders.

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