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Monday, October 15, 2007


Never owned an Xbox.

I've always been a PS2 gamer. But, since I've heard how great XBOX 360 is... and since there aren't too many games for PS3 for me to invest in, I thought I'd try a 360.

Paid for the system (it was actually a $460 birthday gift from Lily) and a day after the in-store warrantee expires and after, say four days of gaming, the machine quits working. It kept taking me to the Xbox Live menu and wouldn't read discs anymore. FOUR days of gameplay.

So my in-store quarantee was gone and I couldn't just replace the system. I, instead, have to mail my system in for repairs... but it shouldn't take longer than two weeks to fix. They (microsoft) even sends in a repair request to get a jump on the work. I still have a warrantee with Microsoft for the machine, I'm told... so it'll be free to have this done.

Except... guess what..? They don't ship from Puerto Rico for free. I had to pay, which was about $50.

I call after ten days and, yep, my system has arrived, I'm told. Not to worry, all will be well and my machine will be sent back to me and I'll get an email with a tracking number for it. Great.

Except when I contact them ten days later, for an update and y'know what..? Nobody seems to be able to find my little xbox anywhere. I'm on hold for 20 minutes and I'm told "Ahhhh here it is. It hasn't been repaired yet, but we'll put a rush on it for you."

Except when I contacted them again, a week later, darned if these people couldn't AGAIN find my xbox 360. I'm on hold for 45 minutes and told "thank you for your patience" about eighty times while I'm on hold.

"Oh, here it is... it seems that it hasn't been repaired yet," Mary tells me. "I'll send an email to the service center and make sure they get right to it. I'll tell you what, I'll make sure they add some stuff to it to balance everything out for your inconvenience."

I sigh.... "yeah, okay, whatever. Look... WHEN will I be holding this Xbox in my hands..?"

"Should be about five days and then shipped out." She replies.

Which brings us to tonight. Because tonight I contacted them for an update and SON OF A FUCKING BITCH they cannot find my system... AGAIN. I'm on hold for 35 minutes and then I hear... wait, everyone say it together:

"Okay, not to worry... here it is. It's waiting to be fixed at the service center."

So I'm obviously not happy at this point. I ask for a supervisor and Amy tells me now that she's PERSONALLY sending an email to the service center, so there won't be a delay." When I told Supervisor Amy that I've been told three times my problem would be fixed right away, she tells me not to worry. I'd only have to wait a bit for it.

I then asked how long this would take. Five to eight days, according to Amy. So then I ask her, how will this be sent to me? UPS ground.

UPS ground.

So, I tell her... "so that'll take up to ten working days to get here.."


"After hoping the service center does what's been guaranteed to do three times now... which will take five to eight days."

"Ummmm.." she says.

"Which now means I'll be waiting EIGHTEEN working days, which is three weeks. After having my system for over a month."

"I'm very sorry about the inconvenience, Mr. Beland" I hear her say as she tries to get back on the corporate unicycle.

"So then why not have the system sent to me via air mail?" I ask her. I mean, I already had to pay for the shipping there, which should've been covered in my warrantee.

"I... can't do that." she says.

"Couple of free games..?" I ask.

"I.... can't do that either."

"ahhhh..." I say. "So what you'd really appreciate here is me just saying 'thank you' and hanging up. Because, other than that... I really don't feel much appreciation coming from you guys."

I can see why everyone loves Xbox. Fuck.


chrisfason said...

dude! that soooooooooo sucks, but seems to be status quo at microsoft operations. damn...
:heterosexual man-hugs:

Tom Beland said...

:homoerotic stimulating man-hug:

jediboricua said...
Dugg your story! - Mas personas tienen que ver por lo que estas pasando....BTW, estoy loco por tener en mis manos ese comic de FF!!!!.

carbunkel said...

Nintendo. Wii.

Love it.