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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So I'm attending Wondercon one year and I'm sitting back with my brother Joe and good buddy, Keith Knight. Our tables were side-by-side and we were discussing the greatness of the Falcon, when this guy walks up to me and asks me to sign a comic.

Hey, cool! Always happy to sign a copy for the admiring puuuuuwwwhhhaaaaHUH?? I look at the comic he wants me to sign and it's a Fantastic Four book by Art Adams. I tell the guy that I can't sign a book I didn't make and the guy walks away.
"That's the FOURTH person to ask me to sign that book," I tell Keith. "What's THAT all about?"

"I thought Art Adams did that issue," says Keith.

Then this guy walks past my table and my brother goes all "WHOAHHHH.... look at THAT guy."

"Which guy?" I ask.

"The one who looks like you!" he tells me as he points to Art Adams. Sonofabitch we DO look a lot alike. No WONDER I was getting people asking me to sign that book!

ART: Photobucket


ART: Photobucket

ME: Photobucket

I walked over to him and struck up a conversation and after a few minutes of discussion, Art pauses, looks at me and says "eeewwww.... you look like me." I reminded him that, since I'm a year older, it is HE who looks like ME.

The other weird connection..? Art grew up in Fairfield, California... twenty minutes down the highway from Napa Valley, were I grew up.

I STILL to this day get Art's readers at my table, handing me books to sign. I find it hilarious. Jesus, I wish my ART was like Art's. He's one of the greats.


Emilio Torres Garcia said...

Sweet Mother of Mercy!

Dan said...

While I will admit the two of you must have been separated at birth, I have to shudder at the idea of you drawing like Art. Your art style is excellent and unique in the world of comics and something to be treasured.

Art Adams is an excellent artist, but so are you.

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