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Friday, February 29, 2008


Stephen Destefano is a brilliant cartoonist who works on the uber-fabo VENTURE BROTHERS. Check out his blog (click to the link of the right side of the page) and get swept-up in his greatness.

Here are some samples. Thanks to Peter Avanzino for pointing this blog out to me!


Emilio Torres Garcia said...

Is he the same guy that did 'Mazing Man in the 80's for DC Comics?

sdestefano said...

Thanks, Tom, for the extremely kind plug for my work and my blog.
And, yes, Emilio, I'm that same"'Mazing Man" guy.
Just tons older.

Tom Beland said...

No problem, Stephen! It's really a cool, classic look. Have you done anything in comics?

sdestefano said...

Sure, Tom. I began my career as a teenager at DC (which is what Emilio is referring to), although I've drawn for most other publishers. I'm also working on a long-format comic book for myself right now.
Congratulations on the success of your work in comics--I've read some and it's quite charming.