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Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is getting ridiculous now. We're not supposed to lose people at 35.

We lose them at 70, or 90 or sometimes 114 years old. But not 35.

His work was either loved or hated. I sort of jumped back and forth, but given the amount of work Mike did, it's understandable that some pieces here may outshine pieces there.

But after reading what Mike has gone through over the years, while fighting cancer... you cannot help but admire him for working during that time. He gave us all art while he was fighting for his life.


He didn't have a Bucket List. He didn't jump on a plane and fly around the world to see what he was missing out on. He didn't go skydiving or eat at the greatest restaurants in the country. He didn't do anything but make comics.

Because making comics WAS his bucket list.

I'm embarrassed at how I work. I take so much time off from comics because I'm pulled every which way by my ADD crap. And here's a guy who had poison injected into him and still made it to the drawing table. I don't understand it. Why don't I have that drive in me..? Why do I take the day off when I have allergies because my fucking nose is running?

I may not have been the biggest fan of Michael Turner's art... but as a creator and a professional..? I'm a huge fan.

I'm hoping he influences me as a pro.

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