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Sunday, June 29, 2008


... this:

That's right, mother-fuckers, my good friend from high school (GO NAPA INDIANS!) directed the latest FUTURAMA movie!! I'm getting my copy this week (because he NEVER sends me free swag, cheap bastard that he is) and I'm going to enjoy every animated minute of it.

It's been a long road from the days where Peter would address the Napa High student body, while wearing a diaper. Or the days we'd make up super-hero costumes (Captain Sumo and the Arachnoid). But here he is making movies for the world to enjoy. Or that killer Spider-Man costume he had (in which he actually LOOKED like Spidey) I'm hoping he's on the commentary.

What's awesome about this is... Pete and I are doing exactly what we said we wanted to be doing as kids. Is that insane or what? I was going to make comics and he was going to make cartoon. I think that's so cool, I smile when I saw it.

Although, even though he attends bbq's at Matt Groening's house... Ihave actually writtenSpider-Man books and that's his favorite character of all time.

But, for now, I will watch, with envy, my friend's latest work. This week, of course... since I don't have my free copy. Y'know... those copies you send to family and life-long friends..?

Cheap bastard.


Gary Dunaier said...

"he attends bbq's at Matt Groening's house"

Yeah, but how's the FOOD?????

Anonymous said...

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