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Saturday, August 16, 2008

WHAT THE FU#*#*#????


See... I read earlier that Gail Simone announced that she now ran the Bendis boards and not Brian.

But what the fuck did Gail do to make such a claim? You don't just announce... "excuse me... but I'm in charge now.."

No. You go out and you fucking take it. Run that land on a wild stallion and lay claim to all of it.

So... I went on every thread and announced that I had laid claim to each thread, which to them, is spamming. HOWEVER.. I DO have to say that, in my defense, I added a line or two after each post that tied IN with each thread. So... since each post was unique and different... it cannot be technically dubbed "spamming."

I told this to Brian in a confidential email.

Ummm..... Brian shut me down.

Sad. Not even a trial. From a man who once penned the voice of Matt Murdock.

Murdock would've won this. Pro bono.

Now, I'm going to accept my banishment. I'll sit here in the desert and stare at the oasis from afar. Eating a scorpion every now and then... and you know what..?

Each time a scorpion stings my tongue, it'll just make me stronger. And when I return Bendisboard... ohhhh WHEN I RETURN... I WILL BRING A BOUNTY OF SCORPION-INDUCED HUMOR THAT WILL MAKE THE ANCIENTS HEED NOTICE!!!


okay, time for ravioli.


Randy said...

Well, the Bendis Board is a high-minded place of verve and wit, where only the most erudite and urbane can discuss worldly and spiritual matters with equal...

No, wait. I'm thinking of the Algounqin Round Table.

The Bendis Board is where stupid inside jokes take months to die. But there are funny image threads.

Gary Dunaier said...

"I'll sit here in the desert and stare at the oasis from afar. Eating a scorpion every now and then..."

Are you sure you're not really Andrew Zimmern?????

kafraco said...

Still on that Primidone, Tom? :)

Glad to see your spirits on higher.

Tom Beland said...

Primidone go bye-bye.

Oh c'mon Gary... Andrew is Bendis' clone all the way.

the4thpip said...

Good riddance! You can write circles around Bendis any day of the week, Tom.

Is that really an idiom? Write circles around somebody?

Anyway, post more on YABS at CBR! Or Twitter more.


Peter said...

Wait a minute... were you banned from Bendis' board or this board?

Where the F*@< (Bendis curse) are you?