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Thursday, October 16, 2008


You have to understand my long-standing hatred for the Los Angeles Dodgers to appreciate how great it was to see them get so close to the Word Series... only to fail. MMMMmmmmMMmm.... it was like homemade cookies in the oven, I tell ya.

I've always been a San Francisco sports fan. Love the Giants, even though they're currently hopeless. Love the Niners, even though they're currently hopeless. Love the Warriors, even though they own the rights to looking hopeless. And when you're a fan of the SF teams, LA is your worst enemy. And if we can't win something... then they DEFINITELY can't win it..

Felt pretty damned good.

But I'll say this. For Los Angles not to have an NFL team is a crime and a farce. Washing and Dallas have their rivalries. So does New York and Boston. You cannot be serious that Seattle-San Francisco is a good rivalry. Or Arizona-San Francisco. Nope. Wont' do. We need LA and we need it soon.


ed said...

A-fucking-men Tom!

Someone once accused me of being "the kind of fan who could tolerate the Giants losing 100 games as long as the Dodgers lost 101". To which I said: Yes. Absolutely yes.

fuck the

Brian said...

I hear where you are coming from Tom.

The high school I went to, The Boston Latin School, was founded in 1635 and has the oldest continuous football rivalry in the country going against Boston English.

When I was attending, the Headmaster - that's what they call a principal when your school is older than the country, said that the team could lose every game of the year leading up to the Thanksgiving showdown with English, but that if you won that game, the season was a success.

Peter said...

I have to understand your blah blah blah. . . Right.

You just described every sports nut I know. You were born in (Insert name of home town) San Franciso so you love (Insert name of local team) The Giants and you hate (Insert name of specified rival) The Dodgers.

I oughta know.. I'm raising two Dodger's fans. I can't help it though, the were born in (insert name of home town here) Los Angeles.

By the way, you should talk. The Giants started making LA fans happy 2 or 3 seasons ago.