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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Eh. Better late than never. It was held at our favorite restaurant, Al Dente. This place is like our second kitchen and we so love it.

Sitting down with "Clan Boricua": That's Tony and his wife, Margie sitting next to me. My niece, Tiana, behind them. Gigi, Lily's sister, is on my left, followed by Papi and Mami.

I love holding the camera and taking my own photo. Me and the Princess.

If there's a waitress I love more than Alejandra... I've yet to meet her. She's awesome, gorgeous and a bit bohemian. Gotta love that combination. And she keeps me from drinking more than two cokes at dinner. Seriously. She'll absolutely refuse and bring me a mojito instead. She also makes these outrageously delicious shots that taste exactly like chocolate cake.

Tiana is so outstanding and she doesn't even realize her own level of awesomeness. I can hang with this chick all day and have a great time.

Back in the kitchen with the crew. I so love watching people cook. It's like watching a magician in action and there's so much movement in their actions that they're great to draw. If I wasn't doing this, I'm sure I'd love to be a chef. Chef Mariano is from Argentina, a place world-known for meat and he told me that for my birthday he was going to make me churrassco... a long skirt steak. It was ten levels above delicious.

See that cake? Well, you're right. It was huge. It was solid chocolate. And it was mind-blowing.


Anonymous said...


See other comment on wrong article!

milo said...

"Tiana is so outstanding and she doesn't even realize her own level of awesomeness."

Ditto. She's a doll.

the4thpip said...

I put on ten pounds just looking at that cake!!!

Anonymous said...

wow dude... have you lost weight?? You look good, whatever it is you're doing! :)


Tom Beland said...

Yeah, I've dumped about forty pounds so far. My ADD meds, Adderall, are also an appetite suppressant, so I've been shedding pounds.

My sister says my beard makes me look old. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Well, it does remind me of my stepfather a little...

But I like it. :D

Anonymous said...

I don't think the beard makes you look old at all. I know it's a cliche, but oh so true - it adds even more character to you (not that you needed any more).

I'm just thankful that we don't have to dob you in to men-who-look-like-Kenny-Rogers-dot-com :)


Anonymous said...

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