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Sunday, February 17, 2008

An American and Puerto Rican in Paris DAY ONE

It's late Sunday night and we're all packed for Lily's birthday trip to Paris, beginning Monday morning.

I'm very excited about this. Mostly because it's her dream come true and, well, let's face it... this woman has made more dreams come true than any other person I know. This is great to return the favor.

The other reason is our itinerary. We don't have one.

Other than our hotel reservations, the only other thing we have reserved is a segue tour through the streets of Paris. Yep. You heard me, folks, we are going to be those tourist nerds that the French will laugh at and ridicule.

Don't care. This is going to be great fun.

But before we hit the City of Lights, we're going to make a quick, eight-hour stop at the SECOND most romantic city in the world:

I've never been to Philly and it's only logical that we visit this city before baseball season begins, before that bile begins to form in the stomachs of the citizens. I've also told myself long ago that I would NEVER eat a Philly cheesesteak until I was officially standing in this city.

So, I'm going to finally have my first cheesesteak sandwich. My cherry is going to be popped.

My good friend from the Bendis message boards, Jacob Goddard, is going to be our tour guide. He promises good food and a trip to his favorite comics shop... oh, and something about a famous bell. Whatever. I want my fucking cheesesteak.

More to come!


Colin said...

Tom, just make sure you go to Pat's for your cheesesteak. Best in Philly. And it was in Rocky!!

Jamar said...

Tom, Don't trust Goddard - he's shady! :)

Drop me a line when you come into town - maybe we can meet up for a drink before you head back out.

Tom Beland said...

Jamar!!! Dammit, I forgot you were in that part of town!! I was actually so full from lunch that I only took a bite from the cheesesteak he brought for me. It was a good bit though.

We really liked Philly. We're planning on visiting again and I'll look you up.