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Monday, March 17, 2008

Sketches and photos!

A few more pics from the past. I can't believe I was ever that small. These were very good times and this is how I remember my dad when I visualize him.

Cover concept that never came to being. I'm not sure which issue this was for, but from the date of this sketchbook I'd say it was for my first visit to the island in issue #4. I like the flag interacting with the characters, but I decided to go with something that showed one of the many statues here. Still like this image though.

When I'm faced with two characters having a conversation, I like to have them doing something, to give them a sense of movement. This scene with the snow-dome is one of my favorites. We were in one of the souvenir shops at Disneyworld and I remember her playing with them. It lets the eye enjoy some movement, instead of just two heads speaking back and forth.

And I do a LOT of pages filled with talking heads. I can't rely on having Galactus appearing to give my book action... so those little movements during dialogue are essential for my stories.

On the right page, top panel, right side... those are my parents walking past us. It's one of my favorite sketches of my folks. They would've loved a day at Disney, in my opinion.

Leaving the concert and heading back to our rooms. It really was an amazing night and I remember feeling sad that it had come to an end. We were both counting down the minutes in our heads.

Since I never thought I'd ever have a series from this sketchbook, the heads have sort of a lava-lamp feeling to them. I never worried about working out the proportions and making them look more together, structure-wise. I mean, who knows what the future of a sketch holds. Those little doodles you have in your sketchbook..? Revisit them. Give birth to new ideas, even if you have little faith that there will be an interest in it.

I still can't believe that all this sketching on the plane ride home would lead me to where I am now.


carbunkel said...

Hi Tom. How are you? I am fine.

Tom Beland said...

I'm hurtin', bro. Bad sunburn.

How's the animated world treating you? There's a slight chance I'll be attending San Diego Con this year. I'll give you a head's up.