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Friday, March 14, 2008

Mom and Dad... and more sketches!

Well, there they are when the were much younger. Dad was still in the navy and mom was just... wow, she was pretty gorgeous. These were the two greatest people in my life. I draw cartoons because of my father, and I cook because of my mother.

I'm so happy I can look at these photos without falling apart. There was that period of my life where I couldn't look at photos of my parents without breaking down. It still happens now and then, but for the most part, I so love seeing these again.

This was a sketch I did shortly after some salsa lessons Lily and I took. I remember she went shopping in Old San Juan and I was sitting in a coffee shop with my sketchbook, trying to capture it for later use. Coffee shops are like daycare for us. lol. I can sit in a coffee shop for hours on end, so long as I have my sketchbook.

I had fun with this. I love drawing dancers, chefs, musicians and performers in general. Anyone who can't stop doing what they're doing long enough to be self-conscious about being drawn... that's my favorite model. I love to draw movement.

See that panel on the far lower right? That became one of my favorite poses for Lily. Shoulder up, eyes, closed, smiling. That really captures her personality. I use that pose in nearly every issue.

There are moments during a series, when you really nail what's in your head. That panel of us dancing is one of those panels. I smile every time I look at it. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to transfer that look to the final page, since I tend to tighten-up a bit when I go to the bigger boards. But it came out nice in the book.

I remember seeing an X-Men splash page by Paul Smith, featuring Scott Summers slow dancing in a cabin with Madelyne Pryor and I fell in love with that page. I'd love to someday own it. It was a big influence on who I did this page. So nice.

Which makes up for my fat Stevie Wonder. Oy.

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carbunkel said...

How's Lili? It's pretty hot out in your parts from what I hear. That must be rough.