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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More sketches and kiddie me!

Hey everyone... check this kid out!
Yep. That dumbo-eared heartthrob is none-other than yours truly... me. This was my first-grade class pic and mannnn... are those huge fucking ears or WHAAT?

And I still wear my shirt buttoned to the chin. You wouldn't believe how hot the girls would get from that look. Let me tell you, a nice blue shirt buttoned to the chin... a big-wave, full can of Brek hairspray hairdo... and the hottest smile in town often led to girls' panties exploding as I walked by. I'm talking squirters.

Anyhoo... just thought I'd give the internet even MORE ammo to kill me with, lol.

From TSSTG #1.

We just returned to the hotel and we kiss goodnight. Notice the balloons around the kissing panel all have Mickey ears. The were removed when I drew the page... fearing a phone call from the Disney lawyers. I'm bummed that I took them off when I look back at this.

I had to do lengthly conversations of me and Lily. Long conversations of us sitting in a room.

I needed to make this interesting enough where people would slow down and read the dialogue, otherwise, it's gone to shits. So, one thing I do when I speak is I look here and there. I never just stare at a person during a conversation. Lily can do it... it baffles me.

So, usually what I'll do is, I'll have my characters do the same thing. You can keep the same type of tight shot and, by just having the eyes glance elsewhere, it allows enough movement to keep the reader (especially any reader like me) from flipping the page.

It's also weird to see how much my style has evolved over the years. I always tell new cartoonists to keep their old work and put it in a box and put it away until a year later. Then compare how you are presently to how you were last year. Then you do it again, year after year. You can actually see the progression. I do this every year. It helps me immensely.


carbunkel said...

This must have been the year your baby ears fell off and your big boy ears grew in, right? Cute.

Dan said...

It's scary. I have a grade school picture that looks almost exactly like yours, right down to the expression (including the ears). And people wonder why I have long hair.

Tom Beland said...


I used those ears to fly to elementary school (GO WESTWOOD!!!), so when they fell off, I had to take the bus.

Lily finds my ears quite sexy.