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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Nobody comments on my posts.

I wonder if the comments are working, but if I find out they are, then.... sigggghhh.... it proves nobody posts comments on my blog. Depressing. lol.


Sean said...

I normally read the blog from the RSS feed, using Google Reader.

Randy said...

Yep, me too... and I don't tend to comment much anywhere. But I am reading and enjoying the posts!

Tom Beland said...

YAY! I knew you guys would come through! Hey, how do I put a counter on my page, to see what the traffic flow is?

Mercedes said...

I use Stat Counter. All you do is register, enter your page and it creates the code. Then you put the code in a new HTML page element on your blog.

The blog and the book are great! As a Puerto Rican living in Canada, I always look forward to picking up TSSTG at my local comic book shop.

George Tramountanas said...

I read every day as well, and enjoy the heck out of your musings. I'm afraid I'm just a "lurker," but I'll see if I can try to post more. ;)

I enjoy ALL of your writings!

George Tramountanas

Richard Melendez said...

LOL... we still love you, Tom! I suspect that that's a fear that all bloggers have... is anybody reading this stuff?! Rest assured, I am. Thanks.

Steven Rowe said...

Not all of us have anything interesting to comment with. I use RSS feeds to check the blog, so do read it every day. I use sitemeter for my religion and history blogs -
works well, try both of them.

oh read your Bart Simpson yesterday, fun book.

Tom Beland said...

thanks steve!

Glad you gave it a shot... it was fun to write!

Doug said...

Awesome to see you are blogging! Welcome to the 21st Century! ;)