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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Stefan Blitz asked me to participate in his column "5 QUESTIONS" and who am I to refuse? Okay, he was holding my drawing tools hostage, but even if he didn't, I'd have done the interview.
Click the linky-poo and enjoy href="">

Sigggghhh... this fucking Blogger system won't show the fucking link. And after trying to fix it, it won't connect the link. Does anyone know how to get this to work??


Amin Amat said...

Try this..

Click the linky-poo and enjoy

Guess that day job does come in handy!

Tom Beland said...

Thanks, bro. But why is it whenever I use the link function, it never shows the actual link?

Amin Amat said...

Not sure, I have the same problem on my blog. Now I just hand code it. Use the code I emailed you as a reference in case you need to do it again. Backup plan. :)

how's the hand?

Tom Beland said...

Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with Blogger. The pictures never size the way they should either. It's mindbloggering.

The hand is a little shaky. We're having it looked at next week. One person told me it could be from stress. I'm hoping that's all it is... I'm finally calm down, but it's got me worried. I'm too young for this shit.

Thanks for the help and the thoughts.

Amin Amat said...

Stress can do all sorts of weird stuff, like make you buy tons of cans of Arizona® Green Tea! :)