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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Everybody sing together now.... THIRTY FOUR DOLLAHS AND FIFY-SIX CENT!!!!!

Okay... wanna know something..? I am not fucking joking when I tell you I'm so cool here! I am VERY excited about this check.

First of all, the check has Spidey on it, so, I mean... right there, know what I mean..?? Secondly, it's my first royalty check, man!! After what is now, ten years of working in comics... I've got a fucking royalty check!! From Marvel Comics, no less.

Yeah, yeah... I understand it's $34.56, but it's the greatest $34.56 check I've had the experience to hold. It's could've been TWENTY-four dollah and fify-six cent... and I'd still be this rad over it.

Because it means... y'know... the work had something to it. I just really dig it.

And the cool thing was... LILY TOTALLY GOT INTO IT!! I was freaking out, feeling all awesome and SHE dug those thirty-four dollahs and fify-six cent at the exact same level I was digging it. And that's when it's cool being married. Because someone's there at a moment when a check for thirty-four dollahs and fify-six cent comes your way with a big Spidey on it and it has the word "royalty" on it. Trust me.

It's a fucking fun moment.


Gary said...

Let this be the first of many, Tom. Maybe its being a sequential number ($34.56, or 3-4-5-6) is a positive omen.

You are going to make a color copy of it for your scrapbook, aren't you?

Dan said...

Awesome. It ain't about the money, Tom, it's about what it represents. I totally feel ya.

Tom Beland said...

Couldn't agree more, man. Couldn't agree more.

lol... we've actually been singing that song around the house. yes... we actually. sing. that. song.

It has sort of a Tom Jones/Neil Diamond rock to it.

Ask said...


You Finally made it to the big time :D

anyway take care man!

Emilio Torres Garcia said...

Congratulations Tom. Next stop, royalty checks for TSSTG ACTION FIGURES!

Gary Dunaier said...

TSSTG Action Figures? Me want, me want...