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Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're celebrating Lily's birthday in....


She'd only been there once and even then, it was for only an hour.

She's turning 50 this month. She's not an ageaphobe. She's very proud of her age and what she's done in those years. I'm glad I'm with somebody who embraces birthdays.

So we were going to go to Rincon and do something quiet and then, today, she walked into the living room and asked how I felt about celebrating her birthday in Paris. She was very excited about the possibilities, but when I told her it was a great idea... she got this look to her. It was as if she was asking me if she was worthy of having a birthday like that.

I told her we weren't going to debate it. It's a huge thing to celebrate! Why not do it in the style it deserves?

So, off we are to realize one of her dreams. It's going to be magic.

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