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Monday, January 7, 2008


My brother, Joe... readers know him as the guy who threw the Filet O' Fish sandwich at the menu board at McDonald's in an early issue of TSSTG... has created a new business, based on his uncanny mutant ability to create some gorgeous hand-lettered merchandise. Case in point... footballs.

He decided it would be cool if a player got a game ball, with his name on it and all the stats for that player. So he did one for a player at Cal-Berkeley. He used the school colors, the logo, his name and all his stats.

The dude, LOVED this. So much so that he showed another person the ball. This guy then called Joe and ordered 77 footballs for the boys on his team. These are the footballs from that order. Pretty cool, eh?

If you dig it and you know a coach who'd dig it... go to Joe's website to learn how they can order them for their team. Or for an individual player. Great for parents who don't know what to get their kid who plays. You can also check out more of Joe's work.

Go to the link on the right side of the page and check out his site.

Tell him Tom sent you!

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