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Monday, May 26, 2008


It started back in 1997 as a comic strip in the local newspaper. Then it morphed into a 17-issue comic book series that I self-published under CLIB'S BOY COMICS. Now the series is with Image Comics.

In all, I've been doing this comic for ten years. I'm still amazed that I've made all those books. I never thought I had it in me.

Well, this Thursday, you can read every issue of my self-published run. The TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD archives collects all seventeen issues of that run in one book.

It's a fucking huge book. Every issue. How I met Lily at that bus stop in Disneyworld. Visiting Napa and Puerto Rico. The cat-5 hurricane that swept the island. Comics shops in Berkeley. The decision to move. The Vieques incident and the joys of making comics and attending Wonder-Con!

I truly hope you have as much fun reading our story as we had living it.

And yep, it's all true... swear to God.


Wayne Beamer said...

Hey Tomas,

I was so excited when I got my list of new comics from my LCR to learn your Omnibus is coming out Thursday. Even though I have all the issues, I'm pumped to read 'em all again in one big book!

Question: Are you going to San Diego? It's less than two months away...

Glad to see your legend is growing, sir...

My best to Lily,


Tom Beland said...

Thanks, Wayne!

No San Diego this year, I'm afraid. We're using that money to attend Celine's high school graduation. I'll be doing some stuff in the bay area.

We decided tonight to look into Chicago for next year. I have family there and I've heard good things about the con there. Seattle is next on the list.

The legend grows, my friend, on the wings of your support. Always appreciated.

giddygirlie said...

Hi Tom - my husband got a copy of your book at work recently (he's also an Image artist, working for Top Cow) and he read it almost in one sitting and kept thrusting at me READ THIS! READ THIS! so last night I settled in with it and... read it all in one sitting. So wonderful. All of it. Congratulations on everything - what a wonderful life all around! :)

I was hoping to find your website and find out where to meet you in San Diego - I'm sorry to see that you won't be there. We'll definitely have to find you at the next round of conventions! :)